How much do you pay?

You get paid 50% of every sale and 50% of ALL recurring sales for life...this is where the real money is made. We charge our members $34.95 per month , and the average member stays for 3 months - that means that each signup that you generate earns us $105 , and that means you will get over $50 per sale. Do not get fooled by those who are offering you 80% or those who mumble "100% Fridays" , those are desperate sponsors that will not convert your traffic - period.

But still - 80% is more then 50%?

Right , and 15 sales per day at 50% worth little more then 0 sales at 80%

Do you allow blind links?

Yes, you can send traffic anyway you want to.
You can use, banners, full-page add's, blindlinks, texlinks, blind thumbs, etc..

When do I get paid?

Payments are made each week by CCBILL. Pay periods are from Monday to Sunday. Checks are sent on Wednesdays via U.S. Mail.

Can I put up multiple banners on multiple sites?

Yes, and we recommend putting up the same provided link code on as many pages and/or sites as you would like. The more banners you put up the more money you make!

What are hosted galleries ?

Hosted galleries are our tool to let you generate signups at the easiest way . We provide the content , the hosting , and pages that will automatically have your special linking codes .Just link to those pages from your site , and you're done . No need to mess with shity free hosts that steals your traffic anymore!

My password is not accepted at your hosted galleries

Our hosted Galleries is independent system and is not related to Ccbill . In order to create your hosted galleries , you are required to create an account with you ccbill given ID - Before you can log into the system

What is the current time ?

We don't know

I am going to be executed next week , And my last wish is to have Ilona for one night .Can I have her ?

No , happy execution !